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Barbara can find a great home for you here, but what is more important is that she can help you build a LIFE here.


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Barbara was raised in Denton, Texas and graduated from The University of Texas before leaving for California to attend graduate school. Barbara’s interests include travel, reading, and spoiling her grandchildren when the opportunity arises.


Barbara has been working in the real estate world for over 35 years; first in California, and in Indiana for the last 25. She has been an agent with Heritage Realty Group since 2005 and appreciates the one on one attention that Heritage allows her to take with each seller or buyer. Some buyers will find their perfect home in a day, but one of Barbara’s buyers took 6 years to find her perfect home! Barbara will spend as long as it takes to find her clients what they need, even as she is watching their children grow up in the process! Some homes “fly” off of the market, and some need her special touch with staging, advertising, and networking with other realtors – to get their sellers the price they need for their home. Barbara has raised two sons in Zionsville and is very familiar with the schools, both public and private. Just as importantly, she knows when the community sports sign ups are (can’t miss those!) where to find the best music and art instruction as well as various coaching for a number of sports. She can even show you the “hard to find but really worth it” playgrounds and sprinkle parks for the youngest kids. Did you know that Zionsville has a skate park? Barbara does; ditto for the community pool!

But Zionsville is not just a great place to raise a family. If you are young and just starting out, or empty nesters, there are plenty of great things for you here as well. Want to join the community band (yes we have one and anyone can join) Barbara knows the director. We have a number of book clubs if you are so inclined; and a fantastic system of trails for biking, running, or just strolling and looking at the birds.

Barbara specializes in Zionsville homes, so if there is something that peaks your interest she has likely been in the house and can give you information. If you need a home with special requirements she can find that for you as well!



In 2005 Barbara established a charity linked to her real estate sales. Charity Begins With A Home donates a portion of Barbara’s net commissions to her clients charity of choice.


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